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You, uh, like Indiana Jones, Britain? Seeing as four versions of Lego Indy made last week's top 10, I'll take that as a "yes". It's money-generating debut week pushes GTA IV to the fringes of the charts, with the PS3 one hanging on at #10, while Nintendo - long-accustomed to taking up around half the charts - have to settle for a sole entry, Wii Play, because for some reason Nintendo Europe are unable to actually ship units of Wii Fit into the UK.

1) Lego Indy (Wii)

2) Lego Indy (360)

3) Mario & Sonic (Wii)

4) Wii Play

5) Lego Indy (PS2)

6) GTA IV (360)

7) Ninja Gaiden II

8) Lego Indy (PS3)

9) Grid (360)

10) GTA IV (PS3)


[individual-format charts courtesy of ChartTrack] [Pic]

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