British Newspaper Mistakes Deus Ex For Real Life

Illustration for article titled British Newspaper Mistakes Deus Ex For Real Life

Maybe one day, we'll all have cybernetic eyeball implants that will grant us perfect 20/20 vision and allow us to be monitored by the government agency of our choice. Sadly, as The Sun's editors will probably find out soon, today is not that day.


Sarif Industries, the "US firm" mentioned in this recent edition of the British tabloid, is actually a fictional company in the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. That sweet cyborg eyeball image? Also from the video game. At least Rob Spence and Carol Kasyjanski are real.

Granted, the folks behind The Sun don't really care that much about nonsense like "accuracy" or "making sure the news they report isn't actually from a video game." And yes, perhaps eyeball implants will indeed be common in 50 years. But they probably won't come from Sarif Industries.

(Thanks, @blazinglynx!)


So what you're saying is that reality is... sans Sarif?