British Lifetime Console Sales Figures Get!

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According to figures released by GfK-ChartTrack, there are now 24 million current-generation consoles in the UK. Let's see how those numbers break down.


The numbers can be found in the latest report from European retailer GAME, and reveal that each console has sold the following:

DS - 9.1 million
Wii - 5.4 million
Xbox 360 - 3.9 million
PSP - 3.3 million
PS3 - 2.2 million


Not many surprises there. There's a few surprises in the sales figures for just the past 12 months, however, with PSP sales falling through the floor (and PS3 sales dropping as well), while the 360 seems to be picking up steam.

DS - 2.7 million
Wii - 2.3 million
Xbox 360 - 1.7 million
PS3 - 900,000
PSP - 500,000

UK console installed base tops 24m [MCV]

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You folks are looking at this at all incorrectly. Sony is beating the shit out of Microsoft! The life-time sales of the PlayStation brand for this generation clearly beat the Xbox brand with 5.5 million in sales. The PlayStation brand even has beaten the Wii brand.

Granted, in the month to month sales figures, the PlayStation brand is down, but that's just an anomaly.

It's not the individual game systems that count, it's the brand!