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Britain's Zak Bennett entered the record books last week, setting a Guinness World Records...record for most consecutive wins in Street Fighter IV. And it sounds like it took him all day to do it.


Bennett's first attempt at the record - which we guess is new for the book's gamers edition, since no mention of the previous mark is made - ended at 28 games. Bit of a let-down, really. So he steeled himself, sat down, flexed his fingers and on his second attempt, strung together 108 wins.

Sure, Bennett's probably not the best player in the world. It's not like Guinness' event invited the top players from Japan and the US. But he's obviously no slouch, and can at least claim to be the world's most persistent player.


UPDATE - Sorry, should have added, he was playing against real players. It was a "take on all-comers" sort of thing.

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