British DS Sales To Go Bundle-Only? Almost

As we've seen, fluctuations in exchange rates are messing with Nintendo's bottom line in the UK. While this won't affect consumers looking for a Wii, the DS might be another story.


According to a "trusted source within the retail industry" (ie a British retailer), Go Nintendo are reporting that thanks to shrinking profit margins on Nintendo hardware the DS is about to go bundle-only. As in, you won't be able to buy just a DS, you'll need to buy one with a game included, at a slightly higher price.

It's close, but no cigar. Ninendo have told "We will be increasing the availability of DS Lite bundles with software in the UK, however solus will still continue to be listed". That's the good news! The bad news? The classiest of the console's colour schemes - silver & white - are being phased out.

Nintendo not phasing out solus DS Lite units []

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