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Brink Takes a Swipe at Console Gamers while Deleting PC Gamers' Characters

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Oh those silly console gamers. They couldn't possibly handle the advanced PC gaming concepts like objective-based teamplay. Why, if there was a bug in the game that say, deleted their characters completely if they exited the game too early, console gamers would be beside themselves. Wait, there is?

The screen above, pulled from my copy of the game after the original Reddit image disappeared, pops up after creating your first character in the PC version of Splash Damage's new multiplayer shooter Brink, offering 1,000 experience points to PC gamers that suffer through a tutorial video created mainly for the benefit of ignorant console enthusiasts. Luckily we PC players can hit a button to skip the video after it loads while still earning the experience.

That's the sort of convenience that gives us more time to accidentally delete our characters.


Though a recent Steam update patched the problem, many PC Brink players were horrified to discover all of their characters and e4xperience points lost due to a particularly nasty glitch. That's right, even the tutorial video experience points.

According to a post on the Brink forums, this issue popped up when players exited Brink before reaching character selection, causing a corrupt, unrecoverable save file.


Don't worry about that now, however. The game has been patched, and your characters are safe. For those of you that suffered the loss of characters, don't worry; PC gamers are experts at objective-based teamplay. You'll have that experience back in no time.


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