Brink Devs Push Lag Fix, Promise Free DLC

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Brink closes its checkered launch week with news of free DLC and promises it's fixing the crippling lag in its multiplayer.


With an update now live, Brink developer Splash Damage is introducing a configuration change for Xbox 360 users (which will also be available for the PS3 when PlayStation Network comes back) that limits Campaign matchmaking to eight human players (default is up to 16). The config change will also be available in most Freeplay modes.

Those who haven't had lag problems can find the 8 vs. 8 setup in something called the "Big Teams" configuration in Freeplay, and also via custom settings in Private matches.

As a token of appreciation for those who've offered feedback on Brink and stuck by it through this first week, the game's first DLC extension will be free. Splash Damage says it's planned for a June release and will offer "additional maps and new content for players."

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Brink: Updates Now Live & Free DLC [Bethesda Blog]



Look guys, Brink is a PC game. It just is.

I know it was released for X360 and PS3, but it is just too much game the weak hardware. All the reviewers are bitching and moaning about problems that are %90 console-related. I've been playing Brink on PC since midnight on launch day and it has been nothing short of wonderful. Sure it needs a bit of work, but it is remarkably good for being brand new. Does anyone remember how awful Counter Strike Source (or even the original) was when it came out? It played fucking terrible, but that didn't keep it from eventually being one of the best PC shooters of all time.

My brother and I are stoked. This is pretty much the first game of this most recent console generation that plays WAY better on PC. The game was just built for it. We where seriously disappointed in Crysis 2 because we where sure it would be the one, but it wasn't. It was fully dumbed-down for use on consoles. Brink isn't! Even look at the menus: they are a nightmare to navigate with a thumb stick, but with keyboard+mouse they are a pleasure. I'm sorry, but you can just tell that BRINK was meant to be a PC game. Everything from the graphics to the menus to the smoothness of the game-play is %300 better on the PC version.

So quit your bitching you console-playing pansies! You had your 5 years in the sun when the X360 and PS3 where new. Now they are old and we are getting into the part of the cycle where PC games start to really pull ahead of their console counterparts. That's just how it is; deal with it. Start counting down the days till the X720/PS4 or whatever come out . Till then, I'm gonna play me some more Brink because its amazing.