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NCsoft is celebrating the success of Aion by offering the Aion Holiday Ascension Pack, a special bundle of retailer-specific in-game items for those who purchase the game during the holiday season.


It's not a preorder bonus, as the game is already out, so should we simply call it an order bonus? Either way, folks who purchase Aion at participating retailers during the holiday season will find themselves in possession of the Aion Holiday Ascension Pack. What's inside? The pack contains a code that gives players 20 Lesser Life Potions, 15 Lesser Running Scrolls, 15 uses of the experience point-enhancing Lodas's Amulet, and armor dyes that vary in color depending on where you purchase it.

Amazon – Hot Orange Dye
Best Buy – Mustard Dye
Game Stop – True Black Dye
Target – True Red Dye
Walmart – True White Dye


Perhaps not the most enticing purchase bonus we've seen, but certainly one of the more colorful ones? Bonus points for anyone who gets the song reference in my choice of colors used in the image above.

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