Brie Larson's Fortnite Loadout Is A Thing You Can Buy Now

It’s so pretty and purply.
It’s so pretty and purply.
Image: Epic Games

Captain Marvel plays Fortnite and now, for the price of 2,000 V-Bucks, you can have her stuff. Brie Larson’s Locker Bundle brings a beautiful new redeco of the Bushranger skin in the purple and green of Larson’s Fortnite squad, the Bush Babies.


As celebrity skins go, Larson picked a nice one. Look how happy that Bushranger is, with its mushroom bandolier and its “BB” necklace. The bundle also comes with a Buzzy Bag, the Honey Hitters harvesting tool, and two emotes, Freemix and Glitter. An oddly shiny Larson took to Twitter to excitedly announce her Fortnite stuff.

Sadly, Brie’s jacket is not for sale.

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Jhelter Skelter

I’ll never get over that a sizable portion of men on the internet who love nerdy shit and are blunt about their opinions see this woman who loves nerdy shit and is blunt about her opinions and instead of recognizing a fellow traveler decide to try and destroy her instead.

And I’ll also never get over that they tried to torpedo Captain Marvel and then it made a billion dollars so no studio has any reason to listen to whiny incels ever again.