Breath Of The Wild Speedrunner Gets Cocky, Pays A Heavy Price

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Conquering a game’s challenges over and over again can make you feel invincible. With a new world record in sight, one Breath of the Wild speedrunner decided to get flashy with the final boss. Too bad Ganon was having none of it.


Ikkitrix is the current world record holder for Breath of the Wild’s Any% category, which rushes through the game as fast as possible. His fastest run completes the game in 40 minutes and 18 seconds. On track to improve that time in a recent attempt, he sets up for a dramatic finish.

Facing off against Dark Beast Ganon, Ikkitrix decides to run an updraft with his paraglider to fire one last light arrow into the monster’s face when this happens:

Dark Beast Ganon is something of a victory lap after defeating the four Ganon Blights and the dangerous Calamity Ganon. You mostly just ride a horse around and shoot a few light arrows. You don’t even need to use the paraglider to shoot the final target; you can just leap from your horse. Even if you do miss, you can just wait for Ganon to shoot a laser at the ground and fly with that new updraft. The laser swipes up and kills Ikkitrix seconds before his second arrow hits.

The good news is that Ikkitrix was only racing to beat his own time. His updraft shenanigans lost a chance to slightly improve on a personal best but doesn’t drop him lower on the leaderboards. It’s even possible he was having a laugh and threw the run after missing his first shot. Still, I have a sneaking suspicion that next time, he might just shoot an arrow and finish the fight without the extra flair.

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I really don’t mean anything snarky by this, but why the intense volume of speed running (specifically, BotW spreed running) coverage on Kotaku lately? It seems ... severe, considering.