Breath Of The Wild Link Makes A Very Pretty Action Figure

The latest version of The Legend of Zelda’s hero has been stealing hearts since he made his E3 2014 debut. Medicom’s Real Action Hero figure of Breath of the Wild Link follows suit.

You get what you pay for with Japanese toy maker Medicom. In the case of 12-inch Breath of the Wild Link here (via TAG Hobby), that’s 28,000 yen, or around $260. For that much money, fans will get this:


Which comes with these:

And this extra head:


And this stylish hood/scarf dealie.


As much as I adore the iconic green elf outfit, Breath of the Wild Link’s design is my favorite version of Hero of Hyrule, certainly worth of an incredibly detailed, moderately expensive figure.


Still no word on when the figure will be released, but I think I’ve fawned over it enough to justify a purchase once it is available. “But honey, I wrote an article about it and everything!”


Oh don’t look at me like that.

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