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By now it's well-known that The Sims lets you do all sorts of unrealistic, goofy things, like letting players become ghosts, or letting players create giant versions of everyday items. But just how far will The Sims 4 let you go with these elements of the game?


Intrepid YouTuber PrettyGrumpyBearGame broke out some experiments and found out just how much The Sims 4 lets you get away with, particularly when it comes to giant items. Somehow, she forces the game to let her do things like fishing straight out of a giant toilet (only to then feed that toilet fish to a hated Sim, because what else would you do with it?)

I'll admit: despite the potty fixation here, I was quite amused by all the hijinks. I can't believe that Sim drank his own poop water! It's just further proof that messing with The Sims and tinkering with its limits often yields silly results.

How to use big objects & how to fish anywhere in sims 4 (breaking experiment) [PrettyGrumpyBearGame]

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