Breaking: Nintendo DSi Still Doing Awesome In Japan

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Weekly sales of the Nintendo DSi in Japan have doubled over where they were just two weeks prior, moving an impressive 173,000 this week. Overall, Nintendo sold almost 300,000 hardware units to Japanese consumers.


That's with over 90,000 Wiis and more than 30,000 Nintendo DS Lites, according to Media Create. PlayStation 3 sales held steady, moving nearly three times what the Xbox 360 sold in a week. The PSP still continues to perform extremely well, even with only a handful of games in the top thirty.

Weekly hardware sales for the week of December 8th to the 14th are as follows.

• Nintendo DSi - 173,693
• Wii - 91,641
• PSP - 71,540
• PlayStation 3 - 33,688
• Nintendo DS - 31,120
• Xbox 360 - 11,797
• PlayStation 2- 6,659


Media Create Weekly Sales

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oh look, ps3 outsold the nintendo DS~ and you all figured it not possible ;) lol (and should the DS and DSi be one 'pie'? it's not like 'phat psp' and 'psp slim' is it?)