Breaking Down the Sex in Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins has got boinkin' - we knew that already. With copies out to reviewers, one guy has provided a mostly spoiler-free look at all the sex-having, which he says begins "around hour 60." So it's just like dating!


Demian Linn at Bitmob worked all the angles with every potential partner in the party, telling us what goes down when you get down with Morrigan, Leliana and, yes, even when you eff the elf - as in a gay hookup. An encounter with a dwarven tranny is also mentioned but it's not part of the analysis. (I think it's just one of the smirky cathouse cutscenes)

The only spoilers in the writeup concern characters and, of course, descriptions of the sex itself. It does not give up any plot spoilers. In summary, here's what the sexytime does, or doesn't do, for Dragon Age: Origins.

So what's the point of all this? Good question. Sex is a very difficult game design challenge, no surprise there, and Dragon Age does it right when it incorporates sex directly into the narrative (the aforementioned spoiler I don't want to reveal). But the casual sex, which could be used as a tool to deepen your understanding and empathy for the other characters, tends to reinforce the idea of women as alternately jealous, catty, smothering, and weak-willed (easily taking back a lover that has strayed), while perpetuating the stereotype of the promiscuous gay/bisexual man. I guess what I'm saying is...the sex could be better.

Yeah, but so could a pizza. Bottom line, it's still a pizza. I mean sex. You get the idea.

Sex and the Single Dragon Age Hero [Bitmob]

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