Brazil Keeping Mega Drive Dream Alive!

Brazilian SEGA licensee Tectoy has released another 8-bit console. Dubbed the Master System 3, the new system looks like the old Mega Drive (Genesis) with Sonic painted on it and is packed with 131 built-in G-rated games. That's right, no cartridge slot. The system is bundled with two six-button Genesis-style controllers. Its priced at the equivalent of US$133. Master System 3 (131 jogos) [Tectoy via Insert Credit]


Lots of brazilian commenters here, I see.

I'm one too, so I'll try to explain some of that... import taxes for electronics here in Brazil goes up to 60%.

So yeah, that Master System really is too pricey, but there's still lots of people who'll buy it only because it's the console only and no need to buy more games.

There's also the fact that Tec Toy was the Sega official representative in Brazil in the golden Master System and Genesis eras.

We still have remodeling of other consoles like NES... here in Brazil, one of the official versions is called Dynavision.... it's currently sold with 2 cartridges filled with games (good games, not like the pirate 2000 in 1 famicon crap), and the price... I guess it's almost as expensive as this new Master System.

But it's not that we brazilians only get old crap here... but there are lots of poor/low income families that do.

Finally, what I also know about Tec Toy is that it has a new game development division that are mainly developing cellphone games right now, but might start developing stuff for Nintendo DS and other consoles... a friend of mine works there. :D