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Brash Entertainment "Loses" A President

Illustration for article titled Brash Entertainment Loses A President

Variety's The Cut Scene reports that Hollywood based publisher Brash Entertainment, which in its own words is "laser focused on high quality theatrical based" video games for every platform, has lost its president. Founder Nicholas Longano is said to have exited the company after just a year in business. As The Cut Scene points out, its two completed projects—Alvin & the Chipmunks and Jumper—were critically slammed, each averaging a dreadful 30 on Metacritic.


The publisher has deals in place with developers Factor 5 and Game Republic to work on unannounced movie tie-ins and the publisher is behind a Saw video game, but we have to be worried for Brash's fate. Alvin & the Chipmunks reportedly sold well to the shovelware buying crowd, but it appears that Jumper: Griffin's Story only sold 16,000 copies. Ouch.

Changes at the top of Brash; Jumper sold 16,000 units [The Cut Scene]

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For a second there, the quotation marks in the title made me think they'd literally lost him. As in, misplaced. As in, "I could swear I put him right there on the counter, I looked out the window, and next thing I know, he had disappeared."

On topic, I am very worried: does this mean we aren't getting a Chipmunks sequel?