Brand New Vita Shooter Fires Out a Debut Trailer. Bang! Bang!

Unit 13 is the new shooter from Zipper Interactive, the studio behind most of the SOCOM games.


As Kotaku previously posted, Unit 13 is a competitive and cooperative third-person shooter custom made for PS Vita.

More in the trailer. If moving images are not your thing, feel free to peruse these screens.

PS Vita [YouTube]

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Only reason this is named "Unit 13", and not "SOCOM: Unit 13", is so they can continue to make weird gameplay choices, that continue to piss off the SOCOM faithful. This way, they can come out and say, "Well this isn't SOCOM, so stop yelling at us!"

It'll work too. Hell, maybe they should have named SOCOM 4, "Unit 12" instead.