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Brace Yourselves, Pokémon Sun and Moon Are Leaking Everywhere Right Now

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you’re a Pokémon fan who wants to get to November 18th unspoiled, now would be a great time to unplug from the internet. Leaks are happening in a major way right now.


Yesterday, some Pokémon Sun and Moon details started surfacing on 4chan from an anonymous user who acquired the game early somehow. A day later, at least a couple of other people have started to disseminate a lot more information about what you can expect in Sun and Moon.

The first set of leaks comes from dataminer Kaphotics, who blew the lid open on the secrets held on the demo earlier this year as well. Kaphotics gives us a closer look at all the starters, their movepools, and their stats in the video below:

Here’s what you can expect from Decidueye, Rowlette’s final evolution. The earliest you can get it is at level 34, and, based on its stats, can be considered a mixed attacker:


Here’s what you can expect from Inceneroar, Litten’s final evolution. As you can see below, Incineroar is very slow. That said, Incineroar’s attack stat is pretty good:


Primarina, Popplio’s final evolution, favors special attack and special defense, though it is also not very fast:


Equipped with these numbers and movepool knowledge, some fans are already planning strategic competitive builds for the new generation of starters before they even have the game.

Based entirely on stats, arguably Rowlette is the best starter in Sun and Moon, a fact that might influence or change who players pick once the games officially release. I’m already seeing some people reconsider Rowlette on social media.


The second set of leaks I’ve seen online are way more intense than stats. Right now, there’s an imgur floating around that shows screenshots of Pokémon Sun and Moon’s story, with some purporting to show the true final boss. Based on these spoilerific screenshots, it turns out that a major fan theory was correct; the Aether Foundation is not what it seems AND the Ultra Beasts are confirmed to have some sort of connection with humans.


There’s a play-by-play of the story up on Reddit right now, where rusyaas9 breaks down what we can expect on every island, as well as from the overarching story.

Perhaps the most shocking part about all of this is that, 10 days before release, people are already pirating working copies Sun and Moon thanks to a 4chan leaker—meaning, more screenshots are going to be flooding social media imminently. You’ve been warned.