BP Oil Spill Seeps Into PlayStation 3 Game

This is a user-created race car in ModNation Racers. Its paint job comes with a twist. Covered in oil splatters and BP logos this kart proves no matter how cuddly the medium, the BP oil spill is serious business.

For the environmentalists, and angry American Kotakuites, the paint job is listed as "BP Spill Awareness" in ModNation Racers, the Mario Kart-style racing game that launched for the PlayStation 3 last month. The game lets people redesign their karts and tracks.

KablooieKablam, the creator of "BP Spill Awareness," has requested users to download and republish his kart from their own PlayStation Network accounts to spread the awareness of the ongoing disaster plaguing the Gulf Coast.


BP Oil Spill Awareness Kart [ModNation Racers Central]


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