"Boxer" Makes Playing Old PC Games on Macs a Snap

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Retro PC game players are surely familiar with Dosbox, the top-shelf emulator that makes playing games from the ‘80s and ‘90s possible on modern machines. Boxer is Dosbox shined up for Apple computers. (Some call them "Macs.")


And from what I can tell from my dabbling with Boxer here on my work machine, it's a no-brainer download for any Mac gamer.

Not only does it look nice-including a Delicious Library-style take on your "Game Folder" complete with superfluous hardwood paneling graphics-but it seems to properly shift down my machine to proper speeds so that DOS games don't run wildly faster than is possible to play. (Something I've had a problem with default configurations with Dosbox in the past.)


It's free. It works great. And it nearly made me tear up when I saw that copy of X-Com on the shelf before I realized it was just a demo. [BoxerApp.com | Mirror] (via )

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Now, if only they had something that worked the other way around. I'd love to play a few old Mac games (such as Prime Target) on PC.