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Box Scores: Pride Goeth Before the Lions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Cowboys fans have no shortage of pride in their team. Confidence, different story. Chewblaha faced a guy who demanded his opponent pick the Lions. He took the challenge and took him down with "the greatest 63-yard drive in Madden history."

Editor's Note: Welcome to Box Scores, a new feature for our sports gaming crowd. Here we'll host a weekend-long open thread for discussing, bragging or complaining about the real-life sports action of the weekend, and highlight it by recognizing the top sports video game performance by a reader in the past seven days.

Any sports title on any platform is eligible, whether the sport is in season or out of season in real life, and whether the game is a current version or not. All we ask is that you supply at least a crappy cell-phone picture of the screen (the final linescore will do) and a reasonably compelling narrative. What do you get? The admiration of your peers. Oh, and, starred commenter status.

So, going forward, send all Box Score game-of-the-week nominations to owenATkotakuDOTcom, and flag it "Game of the Week" in the subject header. Please include your commenter handle for proper credit. If you want to include your Xbox Live or PlayStation Network ID so that others may challenge you, feel free.

Now, back to Box Scores' Game of the Week.


Chewie, a starred commenter round these parts, encountered a mouthy Dallas fan in Madden's headset room this past week, going on and on about Tony Romo and Miles Austin. "So I challenged this guy and he said he'd only agree to play me if I picked the Lions," Chewblaha wrote. "So I did."

Trailing 32-31 in the fourth, Chewblaha's Lions fumbled the kickoff and recovered at their own 1. "I knew I couldn't stop the clock at all, and I had to move quickly. I started perhaps the greatest 63-yard drive in the history of Madden," Chewblaha wrote. "It was ALL to Calvin Johnson. Calvin Johnson on the drag, Calvin Johnson on the fade, on the out, on the slant. It was all Calvin Johnson 'til he caught the ball at midfield and was murdered by Ken Hamlin."

Megatron's medevac out of Cowboys Stadium was the last of a long series of injuries Detroit suffered, but Chewie wasn't giving up. With 40 seconds to go and the Cowboy fan filling his ears with shit, Chewblaha ran a play-action from the shotgun, found everyone covered by the quarters defense, and theb sprinted 13 yards with Matthew Stafford. Spiking the ball with 13 seconds left on Dallas' 36, Chewblaha felt he had no choice but to try the 53-yard field goal.

"There's no wind in this lame ass, billion dollar tomb that Jerry Jones built. I don't know how I did it, but I let that power bar hit the top after making minor horizontal adjustments, and the ball just BARELY makes it across the crossbar. I get up, and start cheering. The guy is screaming that "IT'S BULLSHIT, IT'S BULLSHIT."

It's also a Lions win, 34-32, and Box Scores' inaugural Game of the Week. Start sending in yours!


Or brag about your best performances in the comments below. Also feel free to discuss anything going on in the wide world of sports this weekend. Here are some big games for you to consider:

(All times are U.S. Eastern:)

  • Soccer
    Bayern Munich and Inter Milan just kicked off in Madrid, on Fox. Inter's skipper says the Champions League title is more important than the World Cup final. Also, both sides are going for a treble - having already won their domestic championship and main cup competitions. That means you might want to tune in.
  • NBA
    Boston won the first two games of a playoff series on the road for the first time in franchise history. Today they go back home, where they've been shakier than you'd expect for a conference finalist, especially one in the driver' seat. No one thinks Orlando won't take at least one game off the Celtics, right? (8:30 p.m. on ESPN.)
  • NHL
    Montreal and Philadelphia resume the Eastern Conference finals today. The Habs decided to wake up and play hockey in Game Three, but the Flyers still lead it 2-1. The puck drops at 3 p.m., NBC in the States, CBC up north.

    Sunday, the Chicago Blackhawks, leading three games to none, go for the killing blow in Game Four of the Western Conference finals at home against San Jose. On NBC at 3 p.m.
  • Baseball
    Interleague play opens this weekend. The best matchups are all in primetime: Detroit at the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston at Philadelphia or the Yankees at the Mets, at 7:10 p.m. Check local listings or get it through, on your browser or PS3.

    Tomorrow, the Red Sox and the Phillies are on TBS at 1:30; also the Chicago Cubs at Texas, 2 p.m. on WGN. The Yankees and the Mets are, naturally, ESPN's Sunday night game at 8.
    The Sprint All-Star Race is under the lights tonight in Charlotte, 9 p.m. on the Speed Network.
  • Tennis
    On Sunday, the French Open begins with first round play on ESPN2 at noon.

Remember, send all Game of the Week nominations to owenATkotakuDOTcom, and flag it "Game of the Week" in the subject header. Please include your commenter handle for proper credit.