Box Scores: A Bitter Beginning, But Not The End

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If ever there was a time where dashboard-quitting a multiplayer game would be justified, it would be fumbling your first three kickoff returns in Madden NFL 11. Reader Pd771 stuck with it though, pulling off a righteously satisfying comeback.


Picking the Packers right after their agonizing loss to the Falcons on Sunday, Pd771 saw no immediate comfort in the beginning of a Green Bay vs. Philadelphia ranked match. All three of his fumbled kickoffs led to Eagles touchdowns and a 21-0 hole for Pd771 before the first quarter was out.

Pat Lee began the Packers' turnaround by intercepting Michael Vick midway through the first half. That set up a Jordy Nelson touchdown, which Pd771 followed with a Donald Lee score and a Mason Crosby 43-yarder in the waning seconds of the first half.

Neither side scored in the third quarter, but the Packers broke through with a Greg Jennings touchdown reception with four minutes remaining in the game. The Eagles went on the march, reaching the 7-yard-line with 25 seconds remaining. Vick tried to thread the needle on an end zone corner route, Charles Woodson jumped all over it, and returned the pick for the killing score and the 31-21 final.

Here's the Box Score!

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He was probably playing my brother. That asshole has made an artform out of using the hitstick to cause fumbles, which pisses me off to no end because I whiff a tackle every time I try it. It's become so bad that I've begun running out of bounds on nearly every play rather than risk the inevitable game changing fumble.