Both Sides React To The California Game Law Supreme Court Hearing

Oral arguments were heard this morning in the Supreme Court case regarding California's violent video game law, and Stephen Totilo was on the scene to get reactions from California Senator Leland Yee and video game industry lawyer Paul Smith.


First up is lawyer Paul Smith who, along with Entertainment Software Association president Michael Gallagher seemed pleased with the initial response of the Supreme Court justices to the case.

Then we have law author and California Senator Leland Yee, who spends his brief time with the press talking about helping parents monitor their children's video game play.

Both parties seem pleased and encouraged, though of course you don't want to look despondent in front of the press.

What's your take on their reactions?



As has been mentioned, this is a collosal waste of the court's time, and thus the taxpayers' money.

Let people be free, let parents be parents. Get the long hairy arm of the government out of our personal lives. When I go to the store to buy a game, it's between me and the store. When a child is there, it's between the child, the store, and the parents.

That's it. No government, please.