Mikey Neumann, Gearbox's creative director, wants you to commit to Borderlands now. If his tweet is to be believed, send in a picture of yourself preordering the game today and he'll play with you day one and drop some loot.

Neumann declared today "OFFICIAL BORDERLANDS PREORDER DAY," in this Tweet.

"Today is OFFICIAL BORDERLANDS PRE ORDER DAY. Twitter me a screen of you buying the game and I'll play BLs with you and give you loot."


No idea on how this is redeemed, exactly, or what loot you get - whether that's in-game items or IRL swag.

Big thanks to reader Fenring for spotting this.

Update: As reader akusatou pointed out, I think we just called a bluff with no idea it was a bluff. A panicked Mike Neumann tweeted a couple hours ago: "OMFG KOTAKU DID NOT JUST DO THAT TO ME," followed by "That is hilarious." He seems to be serious about following through on this, however. I'm not sure how many people swamped him, but folks, he's only one guy, if he can't follow through on this with everyone, please cut him some slack. Borderlands looks like an awesome game anyway.

And to those who think this was some deliberate dick move on my part, how the hell was I to know? Maybe the guy had some sort of loot code to hand out. I swear I thought Mike was being straight-up serious.

Second Update: Neumann earlier joked that Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling "should make the same mistake I did today." Bowling's reply? A pre-order of Borderlands on Amazon.com. "I admire your bravery, sir, now loot me!" said FourZeroTwo. Neumann said his list of PSN and XBL tags had gone over 100 as of Sunday evening.

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