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Borderlands 3 Patch Will Rebalance Late-Game Areas For New Characters

Illustration for article titled iBorderlands 3/i Patch Will Rebalance Late-Game Areas For New Characters
Screenshot: Gearbox

Most of the Borderlands 3 hotfixes have focused on adjusting characters and weapons, but the next update will also pay attention to balancing late-game areas.


“We found that new players were consistently entering certain areas over-leveled for the content they were playing,” wrote Gearbox in the company’s latest Borderlands 3 blog. “This occasionally trivialized those areas, as enemies were sometimes much weaker than intended for that point in the game. We also found that some side missions later in the game were largely ignored because of these balance irregularities. These balance changes bring the enemies up to the average level that we see players hitting in these locations.”

These changes will specifically target areas and side missions on Nekrotafeyo, one of the last planets players encounter during the main game, as well as enemies in The Anvil, which is the prison stage located on Eden-6. Only new characters created after the patch will be affected.


Borderlands 3 players on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store will receive this hotfix tomorrow, which is also the day that the game debuts on Steam. The rest of the platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and Mac) will get the update later this month.

The rest of the patch, which is scheduled to launch today, addresses general bug fixes, corrects skill descriptions for various Vault Hunters, and increases damage for several weapons, including the Boomer SMG, the Sickle assault rifle, and the Nimble Jack shotgun.

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