Borderlands 3 Gets Its First Level Cap Increase This Week

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Borderlands 3 players have had almost six months to wring as much enjoyment out of the game as possible, including by reaching level 50, the game’s maximum. Now, the developers are ready to introduce the first level cap increase, which will give players the chance to earn three more levels beyond the current ceiling starting February 13.


The three additional levels players can earn in Borderlands 3 are a far cry from expansions seen in previous games. Borderlands 2 extended the level cap by 11 with its first increase, eventually maxing out at 80. Borderlands 3 creative director Graeme Timmins addressed this discrepancy during this morning’s episode of Gearbox’s official Borderlands show on Twitch.

“Compared to Borderlands 2, your perks and your abilities in your [Borderlands 3] skill tree are way more impactful from point to point,” Timmins explained. “Just handing out the same number of levels and skill points would really destroy the game in terms of balance and also homogenize everyone’s build. In Borderlands 3, we’re looking at it a lot differently. In this first one, we’re gonna do just three levels. Long term, we’re exploring some other ways to encourage further player growth that might not be completely tied to skill points.”

This level cap increase is scheduled for February 13 alongside the next Borderlands 3 seasonal event, Broken Hearts Day. Gearbox also announced a number of additional changes, including skippable cutscenes, the ability to toggle Guardian ranks, revisions to the Fight for Your Life mechanic, and ongoing improvements to the game’s stability and performance. More details on the next major piece of downloadable content are expected at PAX East later this month.

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Question for anyone. One thing that I thought was weird about Borderland 2 was you don’t start getting skill points until level 5. You don’t even have your character’s unique ability at the start. I suppose this was done as a way to ease players into the game, and to be fair if you’re doing sidequests it doesn’t take THAT long to hit level 5, but it just felt kind of weird. Just curious if that’s still the case for BL3 as well.