Borderlands 2's Mechromancer Mutilates Her Arm For Science

Yes, I know some of those words, Gaige.

The third ECHO recording released by Gearbox—erm, Gaige—today reveals new improvements in the DT project. Until, that is, Gaige interrupts her monologue with news that her school/science project rival seems to be ripping off her mech designs. The result is the humorous rant you can listen to above.


The Mechromancer class is already available to download, and you can read my impressions of her here.


Listen to the first and second ECHO recordings.

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First question: Where can I hear the others?

Okay, this is glorious. But I have to ask—why are these echos not in the game?!? I know a lot of glitches are popping up (health +/- is missing from Adaptive/Turtle shields, and I'm starting to think gun cards are supposed to show scope mag, but don't).

However, every toon has an echo log in their inventory to start... except Gaige. This, this would have worked perfectly.

Also, her dad is awesome.