Borderlands 2 PC Does Amazing Things with Nvidia's GPU PhysX

During last week's GeForce Kepler Editor's Day event, Gearbox founder and CEO Randy Pitchford appeared in video form to show off what Borderlands 2 can do with Nvidia's GPU accelerated PhysX. It's rather gorgeous.

One day I'll look back at this video as the main reason I spent my entire time in Borderlands 2 on the PC looking for bits of cloth to shoot up and puddles to stomp in.

I am a complete sucker for realistic physics simulation. Shooting at people, places, and things in games is something I see every day. It's business-as-usual. Shooting a tarp in half, on the other hand, is fresh and new, and until EA launches its annual tarp-shooting franchise, this is all I've got.


Borderlands 2 NVIDIA GTX 680 Tech Demo (CAM) [YouTube via TopoftheGames]

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My 6950 is weeping in shame at the moment.