Booth Babes? So 2012. Booth Bros Are Where It's At Now.

Whether they love them or hate them, video game industry watchers are well aware of booth babes, the women paid to wear revealing or form-fitting clothes and draw attention to various companies' wares. They've been the subject of scorn and missed connections. Now, people have different hotbodies to ogle. Male ones. Booth bros.


This year, IndieCade stocked their E3 territory with booth bros, singlet-wrapped specimens of beefcake that strutted amongst indie titles like 7 Grand Steps by Mousechief, Robot Loves Kitty's Legend of Dungeon, and Asteroid Base's Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. This pic comes courtesy of journalist/developer Brandon Sheffield. No word if anyone's fallen in love with these guys yet but honestly, it's just a matter of time, right? E3 can be cold. And lonely.

[Via Twitter]

Update: It's been bought to our attention that the booth bros are part of a physical trivia quiz called E3GoMania, designed by The Wise Guys to offer up an interactive form of social commentary about the objectification of women at E3.

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