Boom Blox Sells 450K, Spielberg Talked Down From Ledge

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When Boom Blox didn't explode at retail during its first month on the market — selling some 60,000 copies in the United States in May — it was written off by some as a "dud." And by "some," I mean, me. At least I didn't say they were paltry! Turns out that 60K sales figure only accounted for a week's worth of sales and that the Steven Spielberg collaboration is doing just fine. "Boom Blox from EA Casual continues to sell well," EA CEO John Riccitiello said in today's quarterly earnings conference call, adding that the Wii game "is judged by many to be one of the best Wii titles this year." Since launch, Boom Blox has sold over 450,000 copies, meeting EA's expectations, according to CFO Eric Brown, keeping Spielberg in fresh baseball caps. EA execs didn't specify whether those figures were worldwide or not, but we'll assume they are for now.

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Well,it would have sold even way better if they made any kind of propper advertising for it.

I get kinda sad and mad that with games like this one or Zack & Wiki, Shadow of the Collossus or similar less common concept games they don´t place any tv advertising or do any similar PR pushes and then wonder such games don´t sell well at all or in best case become slow burners.