Boom Blox Bash Party in Pictures

Two of them to be exact.

Early this morning Electronic Arts announced that they are working on a sequel to Wii ball-tosser Boom Blox. Boom Blox Bash Party comes with 400 new levels and some interesting settings, including under water and in zero gravity.


"In BOOM BLOX Bash Party we are taking the game elements to the extreme,” said Amir Rahimi, Senior Producer. “In the original BOOM BLOX, we really focused on perfecting the game’s physics so now we can push the boundaries of physics, offering exciting new challenges and completely new ways to play.”

The game also includes new characters that you can build with and throw, new tools and block types like the virus and conveyor blox and new blox shapes.

Boom Blox Bash Party also has Internet support, allowing gamers to download new levels from both EA and other gamers.


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