Boom Blox Bash Party Box Downplays The Boom Blox

Illustration for article titled Boom Blox Bash Party Box Downplays The Boom Blox

The newly revealed box art for EA's Wii sequel Boom Blox Bash Party says a lot. Namely, that the Boom Blox brand doesn't carry much weight, at least not in terms of pimping the "party."


While Boom Blox's success can be argued—EA CEO John Riccitiello would probably call it a hit—the brand doesn't get much cover love in the sequel. In fact, your rods and cones are probably feeling unloved too, as the the cover art for the forthcoming "high-energy action-puzzle game for everyone" is total chaos. Maybe not as headache-inducing as Germany's revamped budget box art for Metal Gear Solid 4, but visually numbing nonetheless.

That bright yellow band to the left there might imply that EA has designs on labeling its Wii games like so—or at least for future Boom Blox sequels. We're pretty sure it wants more of those Wii party dollars to itself.



EA's been using the word "Party" an awful lot on its Wii titles. It ticks me off, because it basically risks grouping them in with all those other party titles that get churned out.

Heck, it's bad enough they have to add some stupid subtitle to all of the multiplatform titles that comes out on Wii (All Play, KO Party, etc)