Booker with his skyhook from Bioshock Infinite, redrawn by Jenny thorne on DeviantART. Looks really cool, just like a cell from a 90s cartoon.


Here's a bonus from the same artist. Fun looking Payday 2.


jennyisdrawing [DeviantART]

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The artwork for Infinite looks awesome! On a side note though... can anyone tell me why people switched opinions about the game in a heartbeat!?! People went from lauding the game to saying it was meh once The Last of Us came out. I JUST started playing it and let me tell you the game is fan-f'ingtastic!!! It's what Bioshock 2 should've been had they done it right. Everything just goes so well together and when I play the game I feel a sense of "I'm in the early 20th century" kind of vibes. The game is on point from what I've been playing so yeah not sure what happened with peoples opinions there.