Bonus Round Talks E3 Nintendo with Croal, Totilo and Crecente

Nintendo has monster sales and two popular systems on their hands, so what now? Nothing, at least that's what N'Gai Croal, Stephen Totilo and I think. Nintendo doesn't need to shake things up at E3 to continue their success. Totilo mentions Animal Crossing, which fits in well with a winter release. I mention peripherals. Maybe both? I could see Nintendo's answer to Webkinz being a blend of Animal Crossing and stuffed animals. Think of the audience, the endless stuffed animals with unlock codes, the potential for more money printing! Is that's Reggie's big surprise?

I also got a chance to float my new Nintendo theory: That Nintendo's new razor blade is the peripheral, not the game. If you recall, back in the day when Nintendo released the NES, they did so with the idea of making money off of the games not the consoles. I think the Wii is a refinement of that idea. Now they're making their money off of peripherals not the games or the consoles. Well, more money.


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Stephen Totilo

@Arnold Rimmer's Garden Strimmer: I've waited so many years for someone to finally say that.