Bonus Round Talks E3 Nintendo with Croal, Totilo and Crecente

Nintendo has monster sales and two popular systems on their hands, so what now? Nothing, at least that's what N'Gai Croal, Stephen Totilo and I think. Nintendo doesn't need to shake things up at E3 to continue their success. Totilo mentions Animal Crossing, which fits in well with a winter release. I mention peripherals. Maybe both? I could see Nintendo's answer to Webkinz being a blend of Animal Crossing and stuffed animals. Think of the audience, the endless stuffed animals with unlock codes, the potential for more money printing! Is that's Reggie's big surprise?

I also got a chance to float my new Nintendo theory: That Nintendo's new razor blade is the peripheral, not the game. If you recall, back in the day when Nintendo released the NES, they did so with the idea of making money off of the games not the consoles. I think the Wii is a refinement of that idea. Now they're making their money off of peripherals not the games or the consoles. Well, more money.


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@Shiryu:F-Zero's likely in limbo, AM2's deader then hell these days, remember? So Nintendo has to likely find someone new or do them in house and NCL only has so many development teams, remember? Same with Star Fox.

Now Pilotwings, that's tricky. The first was done in house, the second was done by a second party dev who no longer is around, I believe.


@Jnas:You see, Nintendo's perfectly happy with not being hardcore. Let's look at the two most 'hardcore' developers of the last 20 years with systems, SNK and Sega. Where are they now? Well SNK's US branch is a clusterfuck of such epic levels that you can't even trust them to release a game without a major bug in it, or release games at all.

Sega threw 20 years of gamer and retailer good faith down the shitter, poured money into projects that never had a chance in hell to make money back or please anyone outside of the 'hardcore' and now they are a shadow of themselves, Sonic Team isn't fit to scrub the floors in the Treehouse over at NOA and their biggest selling game in the last 10 years is on a rival's system.

No, I think Nintendo is quite happy to understand that when you suck nothing but fanboy taint and pander to a breed of gamer who is at best 15% of the market, your going to end up a joke.

@Altersparck:They do. It's just know, not all of those Nintendo fans are now jaded, bitter outspoken sons of bitches demanding that Nintendo keep catering to them and no one else but them.

I'm one of those more level headed 80's fans sonny, what about you?

@enewtabie:The 'true' hardcore gamer owns EVERYTHING. If you don't own them all, then don't call yourself 'hardcore' because your limiting yourself and tunnel vision is bad.

@wild homes is non-canonical:I don't really know what else Nintendo can do for you. In the span of two years, they've come up with a follow up to just about everything, save for F-Zero, which really didn't get the rave reviews till AM2 handled it, Star Fox, which really hasn't been good from the N64 version on and I'm sure Nintendo knows that, Pilotwings which hasn't been seen in the last 8 years save for Brawl stickers and other various IP, new and old.

The system is just entering into it's 3rd year. You really don't see a system start to hit it's stride intill it's 2nd-3nd year and the Wii has been blazing like a nuke out of a silo from day one. Nintendo only has so many development teams and till third parties take up the slack, they have to focus on the games they know will reach the widest pool of gamers. I want a Pikman 3 just like you two, but honestly, did the last two combined even break 2 million in lifetime sales? What about all the other Nintendo IP like Elite Beat Agents? Electropankton? Chibi Robo? Custom Robo? Even the mighty Earthbound/Mother hasn't broken lifetime sales in Japan of 2 million units. What does that tell you about the games the hardcore love and fawn over?

@lonkley:Incorrect. Third party AAA titles are completely and utterly possible on the Wii. But a refusal to get their shit in gear and learn how to use the Wiimote means few will be coming.

I bought a Wii knowing damned well that Nintendo themselves would have to supply all the needs of the system till the marketshare got too large to ignore. That did not bother me, because I own all the current systems and portables to boot. Why does it bother so many other people? You all should know that developers are bigger stick in the muds then some of the hardcore gamers who post here.

@CHU BOI:He's got NOA to run and he's had no reason to come out lately and speak.

@Silverwolf:I vote you be removed from Kotaku by banhammer and thrown back into the GameFAQ's shithole where you crawled from as soon as possible. Your brand of tunnel vision stupid is not needed here and save for being a troll, you offer nothing worth debating because every single line in your statement is flamebait. Die troll. Die in a fire.

@Brian Crecente:Brian for me if the peripherials get at least 20 games that support them over the life of the system, then they are not failed. I feel you can't get angry over peripherials unless you bought a E-reader, Sega Activator or the grand daddy of them all, the U-Force.

Hell when it comes to this round, the Nintendo preipherials not only are completely harmless in the mindset that two of them are plastic shells and come WITH full games, but they are pretty well thought out AND limited, when you see Mad Catz selling snap ons for Wii Sports and Cooking Mama, wouldn't you say? At least Nintendo's not that bad.

@Silverwolf:Nintendo was around before you were a dirty thought in your inbred parent's head, it will be around long after you are dead in the ground. Shut up fool.

@Shiryu:I think Megaman Legends is dead as hell. Be glad that they got Tron Boone out of the door before it went tits up. Capcom's just like Nintendo and Square Enix in that they have so many fucking IP's that you will -never- see them do anything with the most of them after the first game or two.

@Aflack: Likes slushies:It goes like this.

Whoever has the most market share wins. Not every dev can focus on three consoles, plus two portables. And for a fandom that cries out every month for "NEW NEW NEW", the next big AAA title that we demand no less then 3 games of is more likely to come from one of those 20 man developers then it is from the 300 man mega teams. Even the big wigs know that you need to aim for where you have the best chance of getting the most money for your development dollars.

The PS1, PS2 and PSP suck -ass- when it comes to first party support largely, as their biggest titles may come from second parties, but are published by Sony and of course, third parties. Nintendo found out around the time of the N64 that it could not count on third parties, so they've spent years building up the best damned first party studio in the world and giving birth to some of the most talented second partys. (Rare, Factor 5, etc.)