Eagle eyes at the Nintendo Everything blog noticed a new "features" area within the Wii Shop channel in Japan that looks like it'll let you enter codes for free Wii Shop software goodies. After getting some translation help with Japanese Wii Shop manuals, Nintendo Everything learned that certain retail titles will somehow offer these codes. Will certain games have codes along with them for extra DLC? Or will they offer vouchers for, say, Virtual Console titles? That could be cool — for example, buy Mario Galaxy, get a freebie code for the original Super Mario Bros. on VC, something of the sort? Puzzled Nintendo Everything:

I'm assuming that this could end up being free content for some games, but the specifics of this newest addition haven't been exactly pinpointed. Still, I'm hoping that such a feature would eventually be considered for North America, but its anyone's guess at the moment!

Who knows? We've contacted Nintendo of America to try and see if we can figure out what this is, and will update with any comment we receive.