Bonk! TurboGrafx Classics Come To The PlayStation Network

Japanese PSN users have been enjoying PC Engine titles since 2009. Now it's North America's turn, as Hudson readies ten TurboGrafx-16 classics for release as TurboGrafx Classics for PlayStation Network. Now the Christmas card makes sense!


Bonk's Adventure is just one of the ten titles being released individually this winter via the PlayStation Network, representing a wide range of hits for the console that failed to make much of a splash in North American waters. Players can look forward to Alien Crush, Bomberman '94, Dungeon Explorer, Neutopia, New Adventure Island, Soldier Blade, Super Star Soldier, Victory Run, and World Sports Champion as well.

Mind you most (if not all) of these titles are already available on WiiWare. Still, it's great to see the PlayStation 3 get more retro gaming love, especially when it comes in Bonk form.

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