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Robot Entertainment isn't the only development house rising from the ruins of Halo Wars developer Ensemble Studios, as 35 ex-Ensemble employees join together as Bonfire Studios, already hard at work on an original title.


Days after Ensemble co-founder Tony Goodman announced the formation of Robot Entertainment, former management team members of Ensemble announce Bonfire Studios, a new development house based in Dallas. Like Robot, Bonfire is currently working on developing a new intellectual property. They just don't have to worry about maintaining support for Halo Wars and the Age of Empires community at the same time. Freedom!

"Ensemble had an incredible group of highly talented people and the companies coming out of it are really made up of the best of the best. Ensemble was one of the few studios with two A-teams," said David Rippy, president and CEO of Bonfire Studios. "We are already working on an original IP that we'll start talking about in the next few months."


It should be interesting to see what sort of original properties are produced at both Robot Entertainment and Bonfire. I wonder which one is good and which one is evil?

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