Bomberman Will Eat Your Dust and Lick...Your Crack? What?

When I think Bomberman, I think good, clean, wholesome fun. I don't think of a game where people tell me they'll "break my fucking head with a ratchet".

Yet with a little digging around the files of 1997 PC game Atomic Bomberman, you'll find vocal samples like that and many more of a totally not suitable for work nature.

Some examples include "Eat my dust and lick my crack", "I'm so fucking proud of you I could just shit!" and my personal favourite, "That's right there, tits."

None of the files (at least, the profane ones) were actually playable in the game, but they've been preserved over at The Cutting Room Floor for your listening pleasure.

Atomic Bomberman/Unused Voice Clips/Filthy [The Cutting Room Floor, via GameSetWatch]

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