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Bomberman, the Team Fortress 2 Edition

A pair of Team Fortress 2 modders have taken the game's bones, a bunch of angry Scottish men and the classic Hudson game Bomberman and turned it into something wonderful.


Their TF2 mod, called TF2 Bomberman, keeps the original game's core principles of bombs and a maze while putting you in control of Team Fortress 2's Demoman.

You can grab it below.

TF2 Bomberman [Mecha the Slug, via PC Gamer]

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I get it, it's clever. But I hate the way the people just run around in the sky and you can jump? I guess that gets over the fact that you can't really play it with an overhead view. And all those damn screaming noises. It's bomberman. But shit. Which I guess is what happened to Bomberman in its later years anyway so no big deal.