Following in the footsteps of their California kin, India's Bollywood has started courting the video game market with their own movie stars.

A few weeks ago Indian film distributor Eros International released a 3D video game inspired by their hit thriller Ghajini and earlier this week a mobile game based on the classic Indian novella about unrequited love was unveiled.

"Every person would be able to relate himself or herself with this game and would be able to play the game by donning the persona of Dev," said Mahi Gill, one of the actors in the film.

I'm sort of surprised we haven't seen more Bollywood-inspired video games. Afterall, the Indian film industry is the largest in the world, in terms of volume.

According to the Reuters story the market for Indian video games is expected to grow to about $1.3 billion this year, up from $300 million in 2006 and employs about 30,000 animators alone.


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