To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: This Post is Not About The iPad

Well it's that time. My kendo sensei has asked me to pick up some bogu (armor) for class. I spent the weekend doing something I never really thought I would invest time in: Shopping for new armor. The stuff you wear in Kendo is made of leather, fabric, metal and bamboo, or synthetic versions of some of those. A full set includes the helmet (men) chest and stomach protector (do), gloves (kote) and waist protector (tare).

I have until now been able to practice my heavy-handed and very imperfect strikes against higher ranked kendoists without having to worry about getting hit back. Once I wear the armor, though, that won't be the case.

Needless to say, I want well made armor. I think I'll be ordering a set later this week, after I find out if I need to have my name and the Kendo club embroidered into the tare. If I do, I'll have to figure out what the kanji for Crecente is. I don't suppose you know? And don't give me a set of characters that spell jackass either, I'll be double checking before I have it added to the armor... :D

You really should give it a try Ash. If you're not positive, I highly recommend picking up a book called This is Kendo by Junzo Sasamori. It's a fascinating walk through the history and practice of kendo.


The instructors at Rocky Mountain Budokan are amazing. I still suck, big time, but they've managed to fix a couple of long term issues I had while fencing in just a month.

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