Bobbyball Winners

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The big moosie slobbering all over me, that was Bob. Kotick.

Rattled by the Activision CEO's cameo appearance in Moneyball, we decide to revise Hollywood history before it was revised for us. That meant inserting Bobby Kotick into Brad Pitt movies in last week's 'Shop Contest, or vice versa if necessary.


Turned out vice versa wasn't explored much at all. We have 15 finalists this week. Longtime conributor ARYXANDRE (2) supplies the Se7en reference. fangsat (4) supplies another crowd pleaser, with excellent typography. Rictor (10) served up another standing ovation.

We had many Nazi/Hitler/Inglourious Basterds submissions; Wrackune's use of the Guitar Hero guitar gets the nod here.


Not a big fan of multi-panel submissions, but Xusder (13) watched the clip and came up with a winning interpretation, mostly in the expression on Bobby's face. Zak Canard (14) returned from exile with an inspired Starcraft take.

My winner, however, was first time honoree FlyingDorkProd (5) whose shop is completely visible in the gallery. It's the best execution of a thought many other 'shoppers had in mind.

Why were there only 15 this week? Well, though the roundup did not lack for quality, it did for quantity. You can recitify that tomorrow, when we'll have another 'Shop Contest ready to go.

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Do most gamers even know what fight club is? You would think that their reach would only go about as far as jack black and adam sessler.