Bob Loblaw Would Approve Of These Amazing Arrested Development NES Carts

There may not have been an actual Arrested Development Nintendo game, but that hasn't stopped the folks at 72Pins from imagining what might have been.

You can now get a set of 6 carts for made-up Arrested Development games, each one created by artist Jesse Eisemann. There's Mr. Bananagrabber, Steve Holt!, and of course, Chicken Dance Revolution. Has anyone who worked on that game even seen a chicken? Sadly, I Just "Blue" Myself is not on offer.


72pins are the people behind a lot of pretty excellent made-up NES carts, including my favorite, this tribute to Parks & Recreation's Ron Swanson.

As it happens, I was testing out the Wii U's Netflix app last night and wound up re-watching a few episodes of Arrested Development, including the first episode I ever saw, "Marta Complex." Those new episodes can't come soon enough.

Arrested Development NES Carts [72Pins via it8bit]

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