There may not have been an actual Arrested Development Nintendo game, but that hasn't stopped the folks at 72Pins from imagining what might have been.

You can now get a set of 6 carts for made-up Arrested Development games, each one created by artist Jesse Eisemann. There's Mr. Bananagrabber, Steve Holt!, and of course, Chicken Dance Revolution. Has anyone who worked on that game even seen a chicken? Sadly, I Just "Blue" Myself is not on offer.


72pins are the people behind a lot of pretty excellent made-up NES carts, including my favorite, this tribute to Parks & Recreation's Ron Swanson.

As it happens, I was testing out the Wii U's Netflix app last night and wound up re-watching a few episodes of Arrested Development, including the first episode I ever saw, "Marta Complex." Those new episodes can't come soon enough.

Arrested Development NES Carts [72Pins via it8bit]

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