I'll tell you one thing: we're not here to talk nonsense to Bob Loblaw. No, we're here to talk about how the new season of Arrested Development is reportedly coming out next spring. That's not as far away as it seems!

Personally, I am optimistic as heck about the new season of Arrested Development. Most shows couldn't come back after this long off and do well, but Mitch Hurwitz and company make anything but "most shows."

What about you? Are you ready for more of George Michael, Maeby and the gang? Do you wish they'd let the show rest in peace? What gags do you hope to see again, and do you think Mr. Loblaw will make an appearance?

Chat about that, or anything you like, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good discussion, and careful not to stumble on any beads.