Blur's Shocking Teaser Trailer

Following up yesterday's screens from Bizarre Creation's new weapon-based racer comes this teaser trailer, which demonstrates that good looks only get you so far in Blur.

Teaser trailer? More like taser trailer. While the screenshots did an admirable job of showing off the game's graphics, I believe this teaser trailer captures the game's essence. This isn't your average pretty yet boring racing game. I'm a little worried about their overuse of electrical effects, but this is Bizarre Creations we are talking about, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt until I see more.

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So will this game have licensed cars or no? The screens had licensed cars, but this teaser did not. I wonder if manufacturers would lend the likeness of there cars to a game like this. Typically they were reluctant before to even allow them to be used in racing games with damage modeling, but have since lightened up a bit.