Blowing Up The Statue of Liberty in 2011's Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal 2's Statue of Liberty Easter Egg returns in the Twisted Metal due out later this year.

For those of you who missed out on the 1996 game's hidden destruction, the game lets you attack the Statue of Liberty from any rooftop, eventually knocking her robe off to reveal a thin or heft version of Lady Liberty wearing a bikini.

While the 2011 version of Twisted Metal doesn't give us a glimpse of a bikini-clad statue, it does allow gamers to explode the famous harbor statue, knocking her head into the streets of the winter in New York-themed map. Once detached from her blow-to-bits body, you can push the vehicle-sized noggin around the map.

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A bikini is all in good fun (and likely pilfered from Tex Avery's cartoons), but blowing her up entirely seems a bit much.

P.S.: roughly @6:00 mark.