'Blowing Up' a Best Buy Was Just a Figure of Speech, Says Modern Warfare Fan Facing a Shitload of Trouble

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Described in a police report as plotting to blow up a Best Buy and murder its employees because they didn't have his preordered copy of Modern Warfare 3, a Denver-area man says his upset outburst was interpreted to an illogical extreme just to punish him for being upset on the game's highly anticipated rollout night.

Lomon Sar says he had preordered the Hardened Edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 earlier in the day but couldn't write down a confirmation number as he was driving at the time. The purchase cost more than $100. When he showed up at his local Best Buy, an employee told Lomon his name wasn't in the computer, and that's when he went off. Like a bomb.


"I put my hands up to my head and I'm like, 'God, now I'm mad.' I said, 'I am so pissed right now I can blow this place up,'" Sar told KUSA-TV of Denver.

Sar disputes the part of the police report where he was described as asking when employees were leaving their shifts, threatening or implying he'd shoot them in the parking lot. The store manager "needs to apologize for screwing me around," said Sar, who added that he was guilty only of using a poor choice of words.


"It's just something you say when you get mad, you know what I mean? But they're like empty threats. You can't get in trouble for just saying you're gonna bomb a building."

Actually, you can.

Suspect in store bomb threat over 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' video game: 'I wasn't gonna blow it up' [KUSA-TV]


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I understand where the guy is coming from. In anger, I would say that most of us have said that we have wanted to 'Kill' someone, or at least claim to want to harm them very seriously. They're just spur of the moment, of the cuff remarks.

In these times though, I can understand why the claim of blowing something up would set the alarm bells ringing, but I don't think we need to look into this too much. I mean, what happened to a little common sense?