Bloody Warfare In Bloody Desert, The Indie RTS

Santiago Gonzalez has been working on the kind of indie game we don't normally expect from an indie developer: a real-time strategy game set in the present day.


Called Bloody Desert, things are looking a little rough in the demo video above, but hey, it's an indie game, so you shouldn't be expecting World In Conflict: Modern Warfare, at least at this stage. You should be expecting a novel twist, and in this case it comes in the form of playable vehicles.

We've seen this in some games of this ilk - Toy Soldiers comes to mind - but not in a game of this scale or setting (at least that I can think of). Looks fun!


[via IndieGames]

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Fernando Jorge

You know I don't agree that indie games should be held to lower standards. It is a game like any other and its quality must be compared to any other.

Also, is this all done by a single dude? If so, that's impressive.