Bloodborne's Hilarious Physics Lead To Some Unexpected Results

All of the Souls games, Bloodborne included, have included hilarious rag doll physics for the enemies, which adds a welcomed slice of humor to an otherwise dark and difficult game.


The above bit, with a dog that just wants to hang out and kick it, is from YouTube user You.

Dave Fred's alarm clock went off, and he tried to wake his buddy up for work.


goffy45 was fending off two tough dudes, and finally managed to knock one out of the way.

But maybe he just wanted to take a breather, given he found the dude hanging out on the bench.

Illustration for article titled iBloodborne/is Hilarious Physics Lead To Some Unexpected Results

There are no time outs in Bloodborne, though. Sorry, man! I can't pause, so you can't pause!


Late Niles decided he would do some friendly rearranging of the Hunter's Dream.


And when I was playing Bloodborne earlier this week, someone just wanted to give me a hug.



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A Bottle of Sunny D

This is why I'm not a fan of ragdoll physics. They flop around without any weight. Maybe it would take too much processing power, but I really thought that we would have ragdoll physics with weight and move more realistically by now.