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Bloodborne’s New Bow Absolutely Wrecks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One of the more interesting new weapons in Bloodborne is Simon’s Bowblade, giving players the unique opportunity to inflict long distance damage. With the proper stats, it can turn otherwise brutal boss battles into trivial affairs.

krump0 posted a video of his fight against Ebrietas, one of the hidden bosses in Bloodborne and notorious for destroying even the most well-prepared players.

With Simon’s Bowblade, found in The Old Hunters, it’s over as soon as it begins.

I’ll let krump0 explain his character’s loadout, per a reddit thread:


One of the key differences between Bloodborne and Dark Souls is pushing players to engage in close quarter combat. It’s why you regain health by attacking enemies—they want you to keep things moving. And with shields mostly removed from the equation, players cannot (usually) hang back and play it safe. Bloodborne demands and rewards players for being aggressive with attacks.

Guns, the game’s shield replacement, aren’t typically viable from far away because they tend to inflict tiny bits of damage really meant to interrupt attacks.


Simon’s Bowblade is the big exception here, allowing crazy shit like this:


I still have Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Black Ops 3, Undertale, and other games to play in the coming weeks, but dang, all I wanna do is start a new character in Bloodborne and hit big, gross things with Simon’s Bowblade.

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